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How to Apply Our Product

Our product is not only affordable but highly convenient to create a gorgeous manicure without the wait time or expense of a traditional salon manicure. Our nail strips can be applied in a few easy steps as seen in the graphic above.

Application Tips

  • Make sure to wash your hands with dish soap to remove any excess oils. 

  • You can apply a base coat before applying EV² Nail Strips. Some sets like holographic and chrome strips (not duochrome) require a sticky base coat be applied before applying EV² Nail Strips. 

  • Open your EV² Nail Strips and select strips that will fit your nail beds best.

  • When ready to apply, use an alcohol wipe on each nail surface, and then gently remove the clear plastic on the front of the nail strip. 

  • Slowly peel the nail strip away from the white backing starting at a silver corner below the perforated edge. 

  • Apply the nail strip as close to the cuticle without covering any skin.

  • Press the strip down near the cuticle. Reposition if necessary. Smoother over the rest of the nail.

  • You can use a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher to smooth the strip over the nail. 

  • When filing, hold your file so that it’s at a 45 degree angle facing away from the tip of your nail. This will keep you from filing off too much and getting “shrinkage”.

  • It is entirely optional to use a topcoat, but many find increased longevity with their strips when coupled with a top coat.

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